Martı Logistic


Martı Lojistik Üye Olduğu Kuruluşlar
Martı Logistics Yetki Belgesi C2
Martı Logistics Yetki Belgesi K2
Martı Logistics Yetki Belgesi R1
Martı Logistics UND Üyelik Belgesi
Martı Logistics Unikad Yetki Belgesi
Martı Logistics FIATA Yetki Belgesi

To fully identify, to perceive and fulfill our customers' needs and expectations, to provide indir unconditional customer satisfaction müşteri, to satisfy the customer in terms of cost, time and quality, to minimize customer complaints on the basis of operations, to be perceived as a tespit reliable tam company in the sector in terms of service, to provide the most profitable and best service to support the development of our staff to maintain continuous training,

To plan internal audits at least twice a year and to make regulatory and preventive strategic applications according to the results, To manage the quality system in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards and to continuously improve this system, to increase the number of suppliers with ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate, To perform our services in accordance with all legislation and laws.